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The Southeastern Pennsylvania Intergroup Association(SEPIA) prison committee carries the AA message of sobriety and hope to correctional facilities in the five county area. We focus on those who want our help and the most difficult to reach, while planting the seeds of recovery from our disease to the inmate behind the walls. We have been successful in helping new members in the correctional facilities find their way to freedom from their disease and imprisonment by offering them a solution. This may be the only opportunity they have to see and hear the AA message so it's important that we be at our best.

All you need is one day sobriety to join us! If you would like to join us to get the AA message inside the walls, hybrid Prison Committee meetings along with Temporary Contact and Temporary Pen Pal Programs meet on the 1st Thursday of each month at 6:00 via hybrid meetings ( via Zoom and/or at the office.)


Prison Meeting Chair Requirement

One year of continuous sobriety is required and you will be also required to fill out an application for a background check.

Prison Meeting Speaker Requirement

Six months of continuous sobriety is required to speak at a prison meeting commitment.

Individual Commitment

Prison commitments are individual commitments not group commitments


Prison Clearance

Prison clearances are decided by individual facilities except for Kintuck requiring a drivers license.


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