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This committee meets on the 3rd Thursday of every month at 7pm via hybrid meetings (via Zoom and/or at the Intergroup Office.) The Finance Committee is responsible for making recommendations to the Association, Steering Committee and office staff about how best to spend our Seventh Tradition donations.  If you are wondering what happens to the money you put in the basket after it leaves your home group, come on down to the Finance Committee to find out and help direct the flow of our money to better carry the AA message.

Download Finance Guidelines

Prudent Reserve Statement Most Current Balance Sheet

Most Current Year to Date Income Statement

Mission Statement

The SEPIA By-Laws charter the Finance Committee to provide oversight on the Association’s financial matters.  In conjunction with the Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Public Accountants and the SEPIA Office Manager, the Finance Committee insures that SEPIA is adhering to systems and procedures for handling, recording and reporting all aspects of financial matters in a manner that keeps SEPIA within compliance of all federal, state and local legal requirements – always within the guidelines of AA Traditions and in an open manner that keeps the fellowship members informed.

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