Embrace this new season of hope. Let it give you more courage, patience, strength, confidence, self-love and inner peace.

This month's issue is full of A.A. history and exciting events including the re-opening of the SEPIA office; date for Steering Committee 2021-22 elections; the Gratitude Breakfast Gift Basket Raffle online; the Website/Tech Committee's improvements to http://aasepia.org; along with humor, puzzles and so much more!

SEPIA is always looking for members to share their experiences for publication in upcoming Interviews issues. If you would like to write a short article about your experience with a Step, Tradition, meeting, or A.A. event, please contact the office at 215-923-7900 or email info@aasepia.org for more details.

It is a great opportunity to do service from your home!

Newcomers and long-timers alike are welcome to participate. We look forward to hearing from you.


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