Cooperation with the Professional Community

The C.P.C. Committee carries the message of A.A.’s purpose to the professional (medical, legal, judicial, and religious) community through workshops, seminars, and various other activities. Any A.A. member can participate in the C.P.C. activities. We need members to be a part of this golden opportunity to introduce the professionals to A.A.

Information for Students

The meetings you select should be OPEN meetings. This is essential. An open meeting is determined by group conscience. This means the members of that meeting have decided they wish to make the experience of AA meetings available to any interested party. You should not feel like an outsider, or that you are encroaching on some private event. Remember, the GROUP ITSELF has chosen to make the meeting an open meeting. You are welcome.

Open meetings are clearly marked in the website meeting list at

Maximum of Three Students Suggested

To avoid overwhelming the meeting, it is better if no more than three students attend at a time any given meeting.

Be an Observer

At the beginning of each meeting the chairman asks, “Is there anyone here for the first time?” The student should not respond to this question. If the student remains as unobtrusive as possible, he or she will have an enhanced opportunity to observe how a meeting really works. Thus the students should take seats near the back, refrain from taking notes, should not identify themselves, and not participate in any way in the meeting.

After the Meeting

After the meeting, it is perfectly appropriate for you to approach anyone at the meeting, identify yourself as a student, if you wish, and engage in general conversation. If there is literature available, feel free to take it.

Our 7th Tradition

Our 7th Tradition states that we are self-supporting through our own contributions. Midway through the meeting the basket is passed for contributions. When the basket comes to you, feel free to just pass it on.

Meeting Close

Almost all meetings close with the group joining hands, and reciting the Serenity Prayer or the Responsibility Pledge. This is a closing ritual to provide a sense of connection, and has no religious significance. You should feel free to join in this ritual if you wish. (Most students do.)

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