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Cooperation with the Professional Community: Other Professionals

The C.P.C. Committee carries the message of A.A.’s purpose to the professional (medical, legal, judicial, and religious) community through workshops, seminars, and various other activities. Any A.A. member can participate in the C.P.C. activities. We need members to be a part of this golden opportunity to introduce the professionals to A.A. Choose the section below that most closely matches your professional affiliation. If none of these seem to match, please feel free to reach out and contact us using the form below - or send email to

How C.P.C. Works with Professionals

The Cooperation with the Professional Community engages with any professional community or affiliation to help carry the message of recovery found in the program of Alcoholics Anonymous. We work closely with several Universities in the Philadelphia area to coordinate attendance at A.A. meetings by medical students. Each month we receive a list of medical students that are to be escorted to an A.A. meeting. Our volunteers chaperone the students and provide detailed information about the program of recovery. If you are interested in talking to C.P.C. about this, or similar programs, we'd love to hear from you. Please use the form below - or send email to

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