There is a cool crispness in the air as the fall season comes to view in splendid glory. Our October issue is full of warmth, love, laughter, and excitement as we keep moving forward with our lives in A.A. unity, service and recovery. So find a cozy spot to curl up and read!

Some features this month are Elections for new Steering Committee Members, SEPIA's 14th Annual Gratitude Breakfast with an online Gift Basket Raffle, A.A. Grapevine and A.A.W.S.'s New Books and Pamphlets now available at our SEPIA Book Store, puzzles, humor and so much more. Enjoy!

SEPIA is always looking for members to share their experiences for publication in upcoming Interviews issues. If you would like to write a short article about your experience with a Step, Tradition, meeting, or A.A. event, please contact the office at 215-923-7900 or email for more details.

It is a great opportunity to do service from your home!

Newcomers and long-timers alike are welcome to participate. We look forward to hearing from you.

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