Hello, December! You're the last month so let's make it the best to end the 2020 year. Enjoy the wonderful smells of winter -- gingerbread, spruce, cinnamon and nutmeg. Winter solstice comes on December 21st this year and that's the day we have the fewest hours of sunlight. This is a good thing because it means we will soon be getting ready to start a fresh new year!

So snuggle up and read this month's Interviews! Features include A Member Shares, Tips on Staying Sober this Holiday Season, SEPIA's current job opportunity, along with humor, puzzles and so much more!

Bill W. December 1970

"Gratitude is just about the finest attribute we can have, and how deeply we of AA realize this at Christmastime together, we count and ponder our blessings of live, of service, of love. In these distraught times, we have been enabled to find an always increasing measure of peace within ourselves. Together with all here at AA's General Service Office, Lois joins me in warmest greetings to each and all of you, and we share our confident faith that the year to come will be counted among the best that our Fellowship has ever known."


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