***The Unique Conference about A.A. Traditions and Concepts***

Are you interested in hearing people share their experience with A.A.'s Traditions and Concepts? In navigating this unique time in our history/present/future with these two great Legacies?

Register now for the Virtual (Online) Conference September 5 - 6, 2020 ... Our fifth year! (All times Pacific Daylight Time.)

Includes "Memoirs of a Judge that Nudged" (by retired Judge and Past Class A Trustee of GSO), "Finance and Romance in AA's Digital Age", "The Three Legacies and Relationships", panel speakers from our service committees, and more!

Love and Service Conference Schedule 2020.jpg

This is an A.A. activity of the Love and Service A.A. Group in Pleasant Hill, CA, and any contributions in excess of the prudent reserve will be distributed to A.A. service entities.