Join us to celebrate "gratitude month" and the 100th birthday of the home that Bill and Lois would eventually move into and name "Stepping Stones." The event starts with a 15-minute introduction to Stepping Stones. Next is a chance to hear rare recordings presented by Mike Fitzpatrick, author of the books "Dr. Bob and Bill W. Speak: A.A.'s Cofounders Tell Their Stories" and "We Recovered Too: The Family Groups’ Beginnings in the Pioneers’ Own Words. Photographs and documents will be featured along with recordings of Bill and Lois and members of their circle of friends. The event concludes with a recording of Stepping Stones' Executive Director Sally A. Corbett-Turco interviewing Bill W.'s great niece, who spent time with the Wilsons at Stepping Stones. Archival photos and excerpts from Stepping Stones Archives will be included in the interview.

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