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Meeting Status: Add or Update Request

Updating a Meeting

  • Keeping meeting information up-to-date is essential and a shared responsibility of the fellowship.
  • Please fill out this form as completely as possible, and double-check before submitting.

Starting a New Group / Meeting

  • SEPIA recommends obtaining a GSO Number from the General Service Office; download the form here.
  • Please be sure to communicate if your group stops meeting. It is a shared responsibility to ensure our meeting listings are accurate for the newcomer.
(REQUIRED) Who is submitting this change?
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(REQUIRED) What is the name of the group / meeting?
The location of your meeting. Please be precise and include an address!
What days is the meeting on?
(REQUIRED) Enter the day and time of meeting.
The URL to the Zoom, BlueJeans, FreeConference or other online meeting
The dial-in information for the video conference, I.e.: "215-555-1234 Code: 123 456 789"
The PayPal URL for the 7th tradition, if any, I.e.: ""
The Venmo URL for the 7th tradition, I.e.: "The PayPal URL for the 7th tradition, if any, I.e.: ""
Please provide any additional details about the state of your meeting.