Time Distance Meeting Location Address Region Types
6:00 am Freedom Through the Steps St Paul's Lutheran Church 301 North Main St (& Spruce) 301 North Main Street Doylestown Closed, Literature, Wheelchair Access
7:00 am 562 Group 562 West Lancaster Ave 562 Lancaster Avenue Haverford Literature, Open, Wheelchair Access
7:30 am The Breakfast Club Lilypad, 1234 South Broad Street 1234 South Broad Street South Philadelphia Literature, Open
7:45 am Morning Hope St Mary's Episcopal Church 104 Louella (& Lancaster Rt 30) 104 Louella Avenue Wayne Literature, Open
1:00 pm South Philadelphia 1605 East Moyamensing Ave 1605 East Moyamensing Avenue South Philadelphia Closed, Literature, Wheelchair Access
5:30 pm 8744 United We Stand 8744 Club 8744 New Falls Rd 8744 New Falls Road Levittown Discussion, Literature, Open, Wheelchair Access
6:30 pm S.O.S.GROUP Women West Grove United Methodist Church 300 North Guernsey Rd (& West Harmony) 300 North Guernsey Road West Grove Closed, Discussion, Literature, Women
7:00 pm Weekenders Grays Ferry Community Council 1501 South 29th St (2nd Fl) 1501 South 29th Street South Philadelphia Literature, Open
7:30 pm Third Legacy Church of the Advent (Rear door across Rorer Ave) 6 Rorer Ave 6 Rorer Avenue Hatboro Closed, Literature, Wheelchair Access
7:30 pm Somerton St Andrews in-the-Field Episcopal Church 500 Somerton Ave 500 Somerton Avenue Somerton Literature, Open
8:00 pm Lankenau Lankenau Hospital 100 East Lancaster Ave (Stone Room) 100 Lancaster Avenue Penn Wynne Literature, Open, Wheelchair Access
8:30 pm One Day at a Time 307 Club 700 South Bradford Ave 700 South Bradford Avenue West Chester Closed, Literature, Wheelchair Access
8:30 pm Sellersville St Michael's Lutheran Church 25 East Church St (& Main) 25 East Church Street Sellersville Literature, Open
9:00 pm Flourtown 8:30 Flourtown Center 14 East Mill Rd 14 East Mill Road Flourtown Literature, Open, Wheelchair Access